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    A New Spot to Take Your Pet

    Downtown Dunedin has a new business where your pets are welcomed inside …Poochies. This new locally-owned, private business, exists to pamper your pup. Poochies offers expert pet care, in a comfortable and fun shop. Grooming, skin care, ear cleaning, and nails (yeah, I loathe to clip my dog’s …

  • Cart Tire

    Understanding Your Tires

    Except for tire air pressure, many of us seldom give much thought to our tires… until we actually have a problem or need to replace them. I needed to do just that, a day ago. I visited a local shop that specializes in golf carts …

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    Have You Watered Your Batteries?

    If you’re lucky enough to own an Electric Golf Cart, then you already enjoy the advantages of electric over gas. Anymore, gas golf carts have been relegated to applications where range is more important than anything else. Hunting, utility, or use in areas where more …

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    The Deli that is more

    Broadway Deli & Cafe has been in downtown Dunedin for a while now. If you haven’t been in a while, I highly recommend you check them out again… or for the first time. Located on 730 Broadway, an area sometimes coined the “upscale side of …

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    2nd Annual Jingle Tour a huge Success.

    Moving our South Dunedin Golf Cart Christmas Light Tour to Saturday, December 21 was definitely the right choice. Rosie’s Tavern was generous to invite the entire group back and host as both the central meeting point and end destination. The group is grateful for their …